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Immediate Savings, Simple Enrollment.

You’re just steps away from acquiring affordable, quality healthcare coverage for you and your employees.

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Non-insurance products included with all plans!

You’re busy. Between family, work and friends, your life is full. With Prosper Benefits, you can achieve a state of independence, success and wellbeing.


Feel better now! Get access to a registered physician 24/7, right from your desktop or mobile device. Telemedicine doctors can offer treatment options, refer you to specialists, and even order prescription refills.


True wellness starts from within. Prosper’s Confidential Counseling program grants you access to a licensed counselor anytime, anywhere. Counselors can assist with everything from depression and anxiety to struggles with addition.

Health Advocacy

Prosper’s Health Advocacy program provides a team of expert negotiators to support you from start to finish when you visit the hospital or emergency room. They’ll educate you on various procedures and assess medical bills.

Medical Bill Saver

A recent study showed that 60% of adults who asked their doctor for a discount, got it. Bill Saver works to reduce the amount you owe by as much as possible. This way, you can spend money on the things that matter–and not an overpriced X-ray.

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